The Old Church Cultural Center Presents Voices of Korea

Dano Spring Festival

Saturday, June 7, 2003

Each workshop is on a first come first served basis,
consists of two sessions at 2 & 3pm.
The Korean buffet begins at 7pm and
will be held at the Demarest Baptist Church next to Old Church Cultural Center.
The dance performance at 8pm will take place at the Center.


May 15-June 14

Reception: 7 - 9PM, Saturday, May 17, 2003

Formal Tea Ceremony performed by Hyun Sook Myung

Gallery hours: Monday Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM

Call 201-767-7160 for extended hours

Voices of Korea, Old Church Cultural Center’s selection for this year’s Voices of the World program, opened on May 15th with an exhibition of original artwork and Korean artifacts of a quality rivaling those of many museums. This show, which is open through June 14th, provides a rare opportunity to view artifacts from private collections including pieces dating from the Shilla, Koryo, Chosun, and Yi Dynasties, 10th century to the present. The Center Gallery hours for this exhibition are Monday - Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, and Monday - Thursday, 7-10pm. Please call ahead for the Center Gallery’s Saturday hours.

The OCCC is hosting as part of Voices of Korea, an event on Saturday, June 7th, celebrating Dano, Korea’s spring festival, with free daytime workshops for children and an evening of Korean food and performances. The children’s workshops are for one hour each for ages five and up. An adult must accompany children. Each workshop, which is on a first come first served basis, consists of two sessions at 2 & 3pm. The Korean buffet begins at 7pm and will be held at the Demarest Baptist Church next to Old Church Cultural Center. The dance performance at 8pm will take place at the Center.

The festival begins
at 1:30pm with a special Samulnori presentation of dance and music performed by Uri Sori,
a professional percussion group. Uri Sori, which means “Our Music”, has performed locally and abroad including such venues as John Harms Theater, NJPAC, and the Presidential Palace in Seoul, Korea.

The free afternoon workshops include the crafts of kite and fan making led by artist Soyoo Park Caltabiano, the Bongsan folk mask dances led by teacher Michelle Lim,
and traditional Korean games.

In the craft workshop, children will make and decorate a fan or kite with Soyoo, while learning the significance of these traditional items in the Korean culture. Soyoo earned her MFA from the Hong-Ik University in Seoul, Korea and has years of experience as an art educator. Her work is represented in private and public collections, and has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions here and in Korea.

In the Bongsan mask dance workshop, children will learn to make wooden masks come to life revealing the creative spirit and wonderful humor of Korea with the help of Michelle Lim. This form of folk theater, which allows villagers a chance to satirize high society, has been passed down from the Chosun era. Michelle Lim earned her degree in Broadcasting, Entertainment and Theater from the Seoul Institute of Art in Korea. She is currently teaching at the Korean School of New Jersey in Tenafly, specializing in theatrical art.

Children will have the chance to learn to play ‘nulddwiggi’ the Korean version of teeter-totter, ‘jaegi’, a game played like hacky sack, or one of the other favorite pastimes of Korea. Game playing has been an integral part of Korean culture for centuries and many games are similar to those played in the United States.

A Korean buffet catered by Rainbow Foods of Closter, NJ will be served at 7pm in the Diners will be serenaded by violinist, Eun Hwan Bai, Phd. of Julliard, who will play a piece selected in honor of the event, and by opera singer Hyun Sook Myung.

At 8pm, the Song Hee Lee Dance Company will present a fusion of sound and movement born of Korean traditions. Dancer/choreographer Song Hee Lee will take center stage in an intimate setting accompanied by musicians Ji Young Kim and Jin Sung. Song Hee will perform three raditional Korean dances, Taepyong mu, Salpuri chum and Ipchum. In the last dance Song Hee Lee will be joined by dancer Mildred Yi. Ji Young Kim will play a composition on the Taegum (a large transverse flute), and Jin Sung will play, Chim Hyang-moo on the kayagum (12-string zither). Traditional dances will be performed by three students of Song Hee Lee, Doraji Dance by Katherine Oh, Chindo Pukchum by Annie Park, and Oh-puk (Five Drum Dance) by Hwa Kyung Lee. Song Hee’s finale, Road to Heaven, is a transcendent piece, which blends traditional and modern as well as Eastern and Western dance forms in this original work.

Song Hee Lee is trained in both modern and traditional dance. Several important traditional dances were handed down to her by some of her teachers who are Designated National Treasure of Korea. She made her move to NYC in 1997 to explore modern American dance. Reviewer Jack Anderson of the New York Times said Ms. Lee s contemporary piece, Karma, proved unduly enigmatic .

Tickets are on sale at the OCCC at 201-767-7160.
Performance only: $15 for members, $20 for non-members, and $5 for children (12 & under).
Tickets for the dinner plus performance:$30 for members, $35 for non-members, and $10 for children (12 & under). Due to limited seating, please reserve your tickets early.

This program was made possible with funding from the Tribune New York Foundation and the Korean Cultural Service in NYC, and the support of Soyoo Park Caltabiano, Yang Woo Park, Mr. & Mrs. Mou San Lim, and Jin Wha Kim and the local Korean community.

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