Gardening 2001
Side (left)
Back yard east
Back yard2 south
Garden shed
Side bed (right)
New porch side bed
Front bed (street)
Front bed (driveway left)
Front bed (driveway right)
We planted this tree peony last year in the sunny front bed. We thought we'd killed it, but we moved the 'dead root' near to the vegetable garden by the stream and forgot about it. Late in the autumn when we cleaned the useless chicken wire from the vegetable garden after the animals finished their gourmet food we found evidence of life in this tree peony amongst weeds. We made a new bed next to the porch for this peony and moved the others next to it. The others are still small and budding, but this once 'dead plant' bloomed first with a huge 9" diameter flower with beautiful scent!

Please do not throw away any dead plants. Instead plant them some where and give them a chance to live again.