Sang-bo and Soo-juh-jib †††

The sang-bo and soo-juh-jib are items that are
traditionally made by young women i
n anticipation of marriage.
Since the brideís mother prepares the beding.
The sang-bo is a fabric cover for food
that is laid out on a table.

When Dad is late for dinner
mom prepares his meal and
sets it out on the gae-da-ri so-ban,
a low doglegged table,
and covers everything with the sang-bo
to keep it clean.

Dadís silver spoon & chopsticks are kept in
an embroidered silk case
to protect them from tarnishing.

Mom says that herbs and flowers
such as ginseng, bellflowers and a peony are
suitable for embroidering on the cover
because they symbolize
good health and prosperity.

Ship-jang-sang is a popular theme
for decorating the eating utensil case.
Ship-jang-sang means ten things in nature
that symbolize long life.

They are the sun, pine trees, cranes,
water, rocks, clouds, the tortoise,
deer and mushrooms.

Korean myth says that
a special mushroom
promotes eternal youth.

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