Saec-dong Juh-go-ri

Saec-dong Juh-go-ri† is a childís jacket
with multi-colored striped sleeves.
Saec-dong originally meant
a striped pattern that was made from
scraps of material left over
after making adultís clothing.

When something is very colorful
It is referred to as oh-saec†meaning five colors,
†there may be more than five colors
†but the term is still used.

Oh-saec also stands for
the five basic elements.
Red means fire,
yellow is soil,
blue for trees,
and white for metal
†that shines like the sun.
Black is water
†that is deep and impenetrable.
When children wear the Saec-dong juh-go-ri
it is said that they carry the universe in their arms.

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