These two panels depict
the traditional Korean house
in which I was born and grew up in.
It is the type of house that any middle class
Korean family might have lived in
until the end of the 1970s.
All the materials that I've used in this work are
scraps of materials and bits of old garments
that my mother saved up over a lifetime
of caring for her family of ten.
Almost all of  the clothing that my family wore
was made by my mother
on her hand cranked Singer sewing machine.
My family grew up amongst a home
filled with beautiful hand made items that
despite the painstaking care that went into
their making were taken for granted.
I can now appreciate the beautiful environment
that my parents created
and would like to share my gratitude
and fond memories of this home
with the Korean community.
It is my hope that viewing my work
will awaken in them similar memories of
a way of life that is fast disappearing.
I also hope that this work can be an invitation
to non-Koreans to take a step in understanding
and enjoying Korean Art.
I would like to dedicate this work to my parents,
my husband, my sisters and brothers,
my students and my godchildren
who have enriched my life.
Soyoo Parkhyunjoo Caltabiano.
2003, fabric collage (quilt) , 84" X 100" 
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