The sound of mom’s sewing machine
used to call me to the upper side of the An-bang
from my  early evening reading.
All of mom’s magical performances happened there.
Folding screen works like a stage set
against the cold wall.
Learning sewing while helping mom was fun
since I was five.
Grandpa’s coat, grandma’s vest, daddy’s suits,
sisters’ uniforms and blouses,
brother’s overcoat and my pajamas
were the outcome.

As if I still hear mom’s voice
I’m repeating her explanations of the han-bok,
to my students.
“Through 5,000 years
our ancestors created and developed
 the traditional Korean costume
into today’s beautiful and comfortable style.
Commonly, women wear the chi-ma juh-go-ry,
While men wear ba-ji juh-go-ry.
And so on…”

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