Mulberry, stringy inner bark As white as the cooked rice
Soaked 地 torn 地 mashedin the big sticky tub
Collected 地 spread on the bamboo rack
Laid out and dried on the hot on-dol floor
ironed 地 smoothed, now it痴 ready to go

To hold somebody痴 memories and thoughts
To keep the stories 地 secrets of sometime
To reveal the artists hearts
To hear the lover痴 confession
To carry the wishes 地 signals
To make the air cool
To be a hard and shiny floor cover
To be a soft door 地 window cover
On a cool fine autumn day
Mom replaces han-ji for sliding doors
I知 watching 地 waiting for my turn
Attaching flopping mon-poong-ji on the side
Hiding the dried leaves 地 flowers
Between doubled papers around the handle areas.

Wait for a shiny winter day
Lazy afternoon sun light crawls in
Searches 地 finds them calls their names
Maple, gingko, oak,, violet, cosmos .

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