Big soy sauce jar wearing a funny waist band  
say  “stay away”
to germs or bad spirits.  

Just like the one that hung on the gate
when my baby brother was born.
Mom ’n baby are weak ‘n precious
sick ’n ill people visit later.
Devils get scared by red flames
Bad luck absorbed by lumps of charcoal.

When my baby sister was born
Pine branches protected her instead of red peppers

On a bright sunny day
Mom opens the lids
Red pepper paste gets redder
Bean paste gets yellower
Soy sauce gets blacker

Sudden darkness, a few rain drops
Mom calls me, we run to the backyard
I follow her to put the lids on
Mom brings the sheets in

Under all the stout jars
Red flowers protect them
Delicious ’n healthy sauces
They last a long time.

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