A fine autumn day is
Mom痴 chosen big laundry day.

After I opened her even stitches,
Carrying my baby brother in po-dae-gi
Watch and learn the steps of all.

Naked ee-bools go to sun bathe directly.
Dirty sheets go to big tub first
beaten 地 sloshed,wrung out 地 spread .

Washed sheets sun bathe after
pulled 地 clipped, bleached 地 dried.

Whitened ones go to sticky tub again
soaked 地 wrung out, spread 地 hung out

Starched sheets folded 地 rapped
stepped on 地 flattened, now ready to be beaten again
hardened 地 polished, unwrapped 地 unfolded
spread and finally dried again.

Dried 地 cleaned sheets
folded 地 wrapped again
bundled and tucked in the bottom of the chest.

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