Soosoonam Soyoo Parkhyunjoo Caltabiano

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My Looms
This is my current studio. I've just finished weaving "Four Horse Power" and I'm preparing to cut it off of my loom.
Demonstrating weaving with dyed silk cocoons at the Home Farm Festival on the Borden Estate, NY
My 10' long Shannock Tapestry Loom in my family room. When I am not weaving on it
I display a tapestry here.
Weaving "Farmers' Dance" on a frame made from two hollow core doors bolted together.
It's 1987 and I'm in my first apartment in America.
Weaving in my studio "Namoo" (meaning tree) in Korea, 1982.
The women who helped me to produce woven craft items that were sold in local department stores. 1985

One of my looms in front of my tapestry "Footsteps- Autumn".