Gregory Caltabiano
I was born in New York, and was attracted to drawing from an early age.

I studied fine art at The Catholic University of America and Franklin Pierce College.

I gained experience firing a multi-chambered wood kiln at Franklin Pierce and

studied ceramic techniques from 1972-75.

Graduated BFA cum laude,1976,

Worked as apprentice for Linda Harry Earthenware, 1976.

Camera repair department, E. Leitz Inc.,1977.

Minolta Corp1977-1980

Kinetic Analysis, 1980

Ran Alfa Stoneware from 1981-85 producing individual stoneware pottery

and giving lessons in the studio.

Pottery studio manager, teacher of pottery classes, Old Church Cultural Center,

School of Art, Demarest, NJ 1984-1987

Manager,Tri-K Industry Inc.,1986-1997

Teaching at Soyoo Art Studio, 1997-present.