Welcome to the
Soyoo's birthday Gift Shop

Running out of ideas?
Personalize it!
We will make a special gift for you
just for that special person.

We will find the symbols according to
the year, month, day and even the time of the birth.

The symbol can be an animal, color, flower
basic element (tree, fire, earth, metal and water)
Chinese ideogram (picture writing) or simply name.

Soyoo will design the symbol and
brushwork on either
Greg's pottery
(tea cup, tea bowl, rice bowl, dish, tea pot or big pot)
rice paper
and framed or
(silk scarf, cushion, canvas bag or T-shirts).

For more detail please click on the item.

Please order two months ahead.
To order call us at 201-560-8139 or
e-mail us at email@soyooart.com

birthday gift, pottery
birthday gift, pottery
Chinese ideogram (picture writing) "Bird" on
Greg's tea bowl
birthday gift, pottery
birthday gift, brush work
rice bowl
birthday gift, pottery
"Cranes" on
rice paper
tea cups